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Zoning decision confirmed for Eurovea 2

Eurovea City

The construction of Eurovea 2, including Slovakia’s first skyscraper Eurovea Tower, has reached another significant milestone. The Board of Appeal has rejected objections to the project, so in coming days the zoning decision relating to the six buildings will come into effect. Eurovea 2 can therefore continue the authorisation process.

“All of JTRE’s projects proceed strictly in accordance with the city‘s relevant laws and strategic positions – hence the zoning decision’s confirmation. We‘re pleased that the accuracy and legitimacy of our procedures have been confirmed. We are under the impression that various interventions during the permit process – that sought to challenge our position – may have had various underlying motivations. That‘s why we continue to pursue open communications with the municipality, the city district, and Bratislava’s residents. We now await various building permits for the Eurovea 2 project,“ says Pavel Pelikán, JTRE’s managing director.

Preparatory work for Eurovea 2 is well underway, including the removal of environmental burdens. Such preparations have been planned for many years, during which time JTRE has communicated extensively and openly with representatives of the municipality, city districts, representatives of professional departments, the owners of property concerned, as well as the public.

JTRE’s comprehensive solution for the Eurovea 2 zone and its wider surroundings will include preparations for a central city tram circuit (Šafárikovo námestie, Pribinova, and Košická route) connected to the Ružinov ring-road as well as Trnavské mýto. All projects that comprise the EUROVEA CITY zone are coordinated with this tram line. JTRE also emphasises high-quality public spaces, the conceptual resolution and proposals for which at EUROVEA CITY have been designed by renowned Spanish architect Beth Galí.

“I confidently believe that Eurovea 2 will deliver a stylish extended waterfront in 2022, which will be enjoyed by Bratislava’s residents and visitors,“ adds Mr. Pelikán.