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J&T REAL ESTATE – White Night’s Main Partner

Biela noc

This Saturday 7 October Bratislava's streets, squares and interiors will be illuminated by White Night. The biggest Slovak contemporary art festival is coming to the capital for the third time - and this year with the support of J&T REAL ESTATE. The festival brings numerous artistic visions, a new water feature, and popular headliners with new work.

Seventy art installations, 298 visual artists, performers, musicians, and designers, 270 illuminated globes, 568 neon tube, 90 000 pixels, 3.5 km laser beams, 160-metre skyscraper, 5 tons of sand, six pianos and five truckloads of art – those are just some of the stats representing the diversity of the White Night contemporary art festival.

For several years the festival has been using public spaces, and continually seeks new and interesting sites to enable dialogues with art. This year the organizers have integrated the Danube riverside into the festival’s map.

I look forward to the festival’s new river route, which will enrich the festival with a unique atmosphere, as well as the new perspectives of the city at night and the dialogue between architecture and art. The artists have played with the history of the city and future urban visions. The route is full of interactivity, playfulness and illuminated design.

Zuzana Pacáková

festival director, White Night


During White Night, the Danube will bring Bratislava diverse art in a unique atmosphere - overnight Bratislava will be transformed into a magical gallery with contemporary art.

The city's contact with the Danube has become the most important city-wide development theme in Bratislava. We’re pleased that architecture and art have united to make the waterfront more attractive and return life to the Danube. Art helps us materialize urban and architectural visions, and better enables us to demonstrate what we are building and planning. Existing buildings add value – their alternative presentation challenges accepted perceptions of such buildings.

Pavel Pelikán

executive director, J&T REAL ESTATE

Water and art united


Water represents the central element of the Still Water artwork – by Boris Vaitovich and Lubos Pahuli - at River Park embankment. The interactive water level responds to the proximity of the viewer, who brings the sleeping "standing water" to life – awakening senses with light and sound. The experience is enhanced by a large-scale light projection onto surrounding buildings. Just meters from the river under the castle is the Perspective artwork.

The new Zuckermandel urban quarter features an impressive geometric show by Showmedia visual studio. This relatively unexplored city site will be enhanced by animated visual objects that challenge spatial perception. Using colour and light rhythm of squares, a fleeting illusory space will be created - enhancing the overall experience and the new architecture.

The Wave interactive light installation by Braňa Bernár and Jakub Pišek combines the light of Eurovea waterfront with the Nové Lido project. The artists will materialize the future pedestrian walkway across the Danube, and give visitors the opportunity to control the lasers arching across the river.

At the slightest touch the projection will commence, and the oscillating motion will show the physical patterns of the virtual string. We sought a simulated reality of a non-existent bridge and virtual string that moves in space.

Braňo Bednár

co-author of the installation


Come and create your own light bridge to unite the Danube’s banks.

The BN Label creative and artistic creative is "building" a monumental MrakoDrap light on White Night at Apollo Bridge. The installation uses technological advances to create a simple yet effective lighting architecture - literally materializing the future. The light structure is where the first Slovak skyscraper will take to the sky in the future urban area.

Check out BN Label’s lit promenade at the new Panorama Park square, where for one-night colourful